Who are the NCTD?

The National Centre for Tactile Diagrams was set up in 1999 after the late Dr. Ron Hinton’s retirement from the National Tactile Diagrams Research Centre at the University of Loughborough. Key Personnel

Dr. Sarah Morley Wilkins, Director

Sarah is a Psychologist who has conducted research related to visual impairment since 1993. She is well-known internationally and has won several awards for her books and training on Microsoft Windows for blind computer users, which include tactile diagrams for both braille readers, and pioneering tactile diagrams with audio description for non-braillists.

Dave Gunn, Technical Manager

With a background in Psychology, Dave has been involved in internationally-recognised research. He also has a strong grounding in Information Technology and vmware training, accessibility and web design, with experience of tactile graphics design and production.

The National Centre for Tactile Diagrams is supported by a team of including a Business & Community Liaison Officer, Higher Education Liaison Officer, Senior Tactile Graphic Designer, 2 student placements, a team of around 8 casual tactile graphic designers, and a team of volunteers.

We gratefully and proudly acknowledge the work of the late Dr. Ron Hinton, and the continuing work of Mrs Dorothy Hinton.